Dutch special in English: Arretjescake with coffee

Especially for my Non-Dutch friends from Chile and other places, I translated this typical Dutch recipe into English so that they can take it home. I know the English isn’t perfect, but since nobody is, I hope you still enjoy it! For the Dutch guys, here’s the original recipe: https://marjoleinvhoutum.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/arretjescake-traditionele-cake-zonder-oven-met-een-twist/

Gloria and Felipe, this one’s for you 😀

Arretjescake is a typical old-Dutch cake. The main ingredients are chocolate (or cacao), cookies and sometimes nuts or raisins. In my first year of university, I got a recipe to make chocolate-espresso-cake without the need of an oven. I adapted that recipe to this simple, easy and super fast coffee-arretjescake.

Arretjescake met koffie


– 300 grams of dark chocolate
– 50 grams of butter
– 200 grams of cookies (neutral taste, “Mariakoekjes” or “Digestives” are the best)
– 1 cup of coffee (not powder or beans, just ‘real’ drinkable coffee)
– 1 bag of vanilla-sugar (5 gram)

Take a cake-form (or pot, pan or whatever you have that can shape a cake) and cover it with plastic foil. Smash the cookies until you have small pieces left (2 square centimeters or so). Meanwhile, melt the butter, pour the coffee into it and add the vanilla-sugar. Keep the pot on low heat and add the chocolate in small pieces. This should melt. Once it is completely melted, turn off the stove, add the smashed cookies and put the whole into the foil-covered cake-form. Cover it with the rest of the foil. Put it in the freezer for 1 or 2 hours, until the chocolate is solid again. If you don’t have a freezer, put it in the fridge for 4-5 hours. Serve in cake-shaped pieces. Keep the cake in the fridge afterwards, or it will melt. Enjoy!


2 Reacties op “Dutch special in English: Arretjescake with coffee

  1. thaaanks!! we will cook it back in Chile and let you know how it works out… and we’ll also enjoy your non-dutch recepies!!!!!! big hugs!!

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